How to store your graphic tees

tshirt drawer
Love your graphic t-shirt collection, but have a hard time finding the one you want to wear? Try this tip: Fold your shirts so that the graphic design is on the fold. Then stack your shirts vertically (instead of piling them on top of each other). This will save you time and sanity. And keep you from having to refold all the “wrong” shirts that “got in the way.”

Curb bad customer behavior

customer services with mirror

Own a small business or work for one? A well-placed mirror could be the key to better customer interactions. Installing a mirror behind the counter at your customer service desk can encourage angry or irritated customers to curb their strong reactions. By seeing themselves in the mirror, they will be inclined to tone down their behavior, so not to watch themselves behaving badly.

Make the heavy (box) lifting, easier

box carrying

Heavy cardboard boxes can be really hard to carry.  Make your moving life much easier with this simple tip: Cut “handles” into the box (as seen on the illustration above). Do this by making two upside-down triangles on either side of the box. Make sure the triangle as wide as your four fingers, and not longer. This length ensures the handle can support the weight of the box.

Make “hard boiled” eggs in the oven

egg bake

If you have to make a larger batch of hard-boiled eggs, or just want to avoid the smell of boiling the eggs, use your oven instead. Cooking eggs this way requires less attention and less fuss for the same results. Just place your eggs directly on the rack and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and voila! “Hard boiled” eggs, no boiling required.


Make a no-mess tuna sandwhich

how to open tuna pouch
Cut the mess out of making a tuna sandwhich with this simple tip: take a pouch of tuna and cut it across the top, then cut down the sides and peel back the front of the pouch (as seen in the image above). This creates a flat layer of tuna that you can easily slide onto a slice of bread. No spreading or scooping needed.

Easily peel multiple eggs at the same time

How to peel eggs
Peeling hard boiled eggs is a time-consuming and tedious task. Use this tip to save time and energy, when you’ve got more than one egg to peel: Rinse your hard boiled eggs with cold water then put them into a container with a lid.

Add some water, put on the lid and shake the container in a circular pattern for about 15-25 seconds. This shaking will crack and loosen the shells, essentially having most of your eggs “peel” themselves.

This tip will work with between three and 30 eggs. Just make sure your container can accommodate the amount of eggs you’re trying to peel.

How to manage multiple extension cords

Knot Your Power Cords to Avoid Unwanted Unplugging

Living a modern, device-filled life often means dealing with the sea of extension cords they require. Here’s a simple tip for managing multiple extension cords and keeping them from disconnecting or short-circuiting due to tension: Tie the cords together like the illustration above. The tension of the knot will reduce the stress on your plug connectors, so you’ll reduce the chance of shorting out, or unplugging accidentally.

How to keep chips fresh

how to fold chips closed
Sometimes we don’t finish the whole bag of chips and want to store the rest of them to eat later.  Unfortunately, not closing the bag properly means we often end up with stale chips by the time we’re ready to  finish the bag. Easily “lock” in the freshness with these simple steps, illustrated above:

1- Fold the right and left side of the bag towards the middle, so the corners meet at the center.

2- Fold the top down.

3- Folding it two or three  more times.

3- Insert your thumbs under the flaps made in Step 2, then invert the flaps so they fold over the top edge.


How to politely dodge questions about your age

how old are you
Getting asked your age can be uncomfortable, but can happen more frequently than we like.  Here’s a simple way of answering indirectly, that puts the onus back on the (slightly rude) asker: Instead of offering up your age, or responding awkwardly that you’d rather not reply, just tell them your birth date. They’ll have to do the math in their mind, and most of the time, they won’t be able to figure out the answer quickly—or accurately. They’ll likely feel a bit embarrassed that they asked in the first place, and change the subject.