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Never have to re-park when you’re gassing up

We’ve all been there: maybe you’re the designated driver or you’re driving a rental car—and you realize after you’ve pulled into the gas station that you’re not sure what side of the car your gas tank is on.

Here’s a little known tip: Most cars have a gas pump image on the fuel gage. And that icon often has an arrow next to it—an arrow that indicates the gas tank location.

So before you chance having to re-park your car for a fuel up, check the arrow to locate your gas tank.

Encourage safe driving

people you love

Remind yourself to drive safely or calm yourself down during road rage with this tip: Hang a photo of your loved ones from your rear view mirror. Looking at this image will help keep things in perspective and encourage you to drive safely and with a clear head.

Finding your car in unfamiliar places

parking - drop pin on your smart phones map
After parking your car in an unfamiliar city or large parking structure or unknown country site, use your smartphone’s map feature and drop a pin before you leave your car. This will tag the location of your car on the map. If you forget where you parked your car, go to your map and find the pin and set  it as a destination.

Document all the dents and dings on your car

document the dents on your vehicle

Document all the major dents and dings on your car. Your smart phone will automatically record the date and archive it for you. People may accuse you that you hit them and point out the dent on your car that was already there before. Documenting it will help you as an evidence when you talk to your insurance company.

Merging next to a semi-truck, road rage free

merging onto higway

It can be frustrating and scary to merge onto a highway—especially when you’re lined up with a semi truck. But before you get angry at the truck driver for not letting you in, here’s some food for thought: In most cases, the truck can’t change lanes to let you in, because there are cars on the other side of it that you can’t see.
Keep this in mind while merging, and it can help you keep your cool.

Stress-free car rental

rent car video

When renting a car take pictures and videos of the vehicle before you drive off the lot. This guarantees even the smallest problem documented on your end, and can help prevent fraudulent damage claims.

Check fenders, wheels, rims and bumpers . Look for small cracks in glass and dents on doors . Check the interior for tears or spills on seats. Take videos of every issue and review them on your camera to make sure you can clearly see the problematic areas.

Sending directions to visitors

sending directions to your visitors

The next time you invite people over to your home for the first time, send a picture of your place along with the directions. Having a visual can help your guests locate your home, even if their GPS isn’t working, they can’t locate address numbers or there are trees, bushes, walls, or a fence in the way.