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Curb bad customer behavior

customer services with mirror

Own a small business or work for one? A well-placed mirror could be the key to better customer interactions. Installing a mirror behind the counter at your customer service desk can encourage angry or irritated customers to curb their strong reactions. By seeing themselves in the mirror, they will be inclined to tone down their behavior, so not to watch themselves behaving badly.

How to politely dodge questions about your age

how old are you
Getting asked your age can be uncomfortable, but can happen more frequently than we like.  Here’s a simple way of answering indirectly, that puts the onus back on the (slightly rude) asker: Instead of offering up your age, or responding awkwardly that you’d rather not reply, just tell them your birth date. They’ll have to do the math in their mind, and most of the time, they won’t be able to figure out the answer quickly—or accurately. They’ll likely feel a bit embarrassed that they asked in the first place, and change the subject.

Improve your speech at home

reading aloud

If you want to improve your speech, or get more comfortable with public speaking, read aloud for about fifteen minutes a day. Not only will this help you build confidence and familiarity in the process, it will also help you strengthen your vocal cords, diction, tone and pronunciation.

Master the perfect hand-off

hand off safely
Our lives are full of “oops” moments where we fumbled what should have been a simple hand off: phones, plates, glasses…all winding up broken on the floor. To avoid another busted hand off, hold the fragile object in your open palm and let the other person grab it from your hand. This minimizes confusion, making the delivery simpler and safer.