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Eggcellent tip to avoid buying broken eggs

Everyone knows to open the egg carton and take a look for broken eggs before you buy. But sometimes cracks in the lower half of eggs aren’t visible from the top view.

Taking a (careful) look at the bottom of the carton as well can help up your odds of buying a pristine bakers dozen. No leaks? Likely no problem.

Taking the time to take that second look can help ensure you get to use every egg you put in your basket.

No spoon? No problem

Whether you forgot your lunch time utensils, or you want to reduce your foodie footprint, this tip will make sure that being spoon-less won’t leave you hungry for more.

Tons of portable foods come with aluminum lids designed to peel off and toss: yogurts, apple sauce, baby food, ice cream cups. But instead of tossing that lid, you can macguyver yourself a spoon by folding in the sides of the lid, twisting one end to fashion a handle, and shaping the bowl of the spoon.

Dig in!

The right way to eat a cupcake

cut cupcakes
Nothing says party like a cupcake! But nothing kills a party like getting cupcake on your face. Or clothes. Or your hostesses’ brand new stilettos.

To enjoy your cupcake while keeping the frosting where it belongs (your stomach) take this smart approach: peel off the cupcake wrapper, twist off the bottom of the cake, then place it on top of the frosting. This creates a cupcake sandwich that is just as delicious, yet infinitely less messy. Party on!

Lose weight with smaller plates

smaller the plate bigger the food

Ever heard the expression “your eyes are bigger than your stomach?” That’s true for all of us. When we like a food or feel particularly hungry, we’re likely to load up our plates. Trick your eyes—and your growling tummy—by using a smaller plate. By filling a smaller plate, you’re reducing your food take but still visually getting the satisfaction of a complete meal.

How to cut watermelon like a pro

watermelon cutting

Watermelons can be large and awkward to cut. And the traditional “pizza like” slices tend make a mess of our faces and hands.  Avoid the juicy mess and enjoy your watermelon in fun, bite sized pieces: First, cut the watermelon in half and place that half face down. Then cut a grid pattern (shown above).  Do the same to the other half. Then enjoy!

Make “hard boiled” eggs in the oven

egg bake

If you have to make a larger batch of hard-boiled eggs, or just want to avoid the smell of boiling the eggs, use your oven instead. Cooking eggs this way requires less attention and less fuss for the same results. Just place your eggs directly on the rack and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and voila! “Hard boiled” eggs, no boiling required.


Make a no-mess tuna sandwhich

how to open tuna pouch
Cut the mess out of making a tuna sandwhich with this simple tip: take a pouch of tuna and cut it across the top, then cut down the sides and peel back the front of the pouch (as seen in the image above). This creates a flat layer of tuna that you can easily slide onto a slice of bread. No spreading or scooping needed.