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Avoid drying button-down shirts in a dryer

Button-down shirts are more complex than our t-shirts or sweatshirts. They have a collar system, buttons with placket structure and cuffs. They are elegant and require accurate care. Sometimes we don’t give enough attention when we dry them and carelessly put them in dryers with high heats. This causes shrinkage, color loss and damage.

Put it on a hanger. Inside or outside. Water will naturally evaporate and leave your shirt dry without any damage.

How to store your graphic tees

tshirt drawer
Love your graphic t-shirt collection, but have a hard time finding the one you want to wear? Try this tip: Fold your shirts so that the graphic design is on the fold. Then stack your shirts vertically (instead of piling them on top of each other). This will save you time and sanity. And keep you from having to refold all the “wrong” shirts that “got in the way.”

How to fold your sleeves with style

how to fold sleeves

Want to show off the inner contrast of your cuffs? Or just fold your sleeves up in a way that looks professional? There is an easy way to do this that also makes adjusting your sleeves a snap:

First, unbutton your cuff, undo the gauntlet buttons and then pull your flipped cuff all the way to your elbow (without folding). Take the bottom part and fold it over the cuff (showing as much of the cuff as you like).

Keep pants from slipping off the hanger

savila row fold

When hanging up your pants, hold them upside down, with the legs straddling the hanger. Fold one leg through the hanger, pulling it all the way down so the bottom rests right above the crotch of the pants. Fold the second leg over the other leg, and your pants will stay in place.

Store your boots standing up

Store your boots standing up


When not wearing knee-high boots, keep them from creasing or taking up too much closet space by placing a rolled up magazine inside each boot. The magazine will expand and the tension will keep your boots standing upright until the next time you wear them.