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Avoid drying button-down shirts in a dryer

Button-down shirts are more complex than our t-shirts or sweatshirts. They have a collar system, buttons with placket structure and cuffs. They are elegant and require accurate care. Sometimes we don’t give enough attention when we dry them and carelessly put them in dryers with high heats. This causes shrinkage, color loss and damage.

Put it on a hanger. Inside or outside. Water will naturally evaporate and leave your shirt dry without any damage.

Use your hand as a ruler

Rulers are those impractical tools: you’re never carrying one when you need it. But you know what you do likely have on you? Your hand.

By measuring your hand once and making a mental note of it’s measurement, you can have a trusty measuring device whenever you need it.

Just remember the height of your hand from the wrist to the end of your tallest finger and use your hand to estimate length of an object or space.

Eggcellent tip to avoid buying broken eggs

Everyone knows to open the egg carton and take a look for broken eggs before you buy. But sometimes cracks in the lower half of eggs aren’t visible from the top view.

Taking a (careful) look at the bottom of the carton as well can help up your odds of buying a pristine bakers dozen. No leaks? Likely no problem.

Taking the time to take that second look can help ensure you get to use every egg you put in your basket.

No spoon? No problem

Whether you forgot your lunch time utensils, or you want to reduce your foodie footprint, this tip will make sure that being spoon-less won’t leave you hungry for more.

Tons of portable foods come with aluminum lids designed to peel off and toss: yogurts, apple sauce, baby food, ice cream cups. But instead of tossing that lid, you can macguyver yourself a spoon by folding in the sides of the lid, twisting one end to fashion a handle, and shaping the bowl of the spoon.

Dig in!

Never have to re-park when you’re gassing up

We’ve all been there: maybe you’re the designated driver or you’re driving a rental car—and you realize after you’ve pulled into the gas station that you’re not sure what side of the car your gas tank is on.

Here’s a little known tip: Most cars have a gas pump image on the fuel gage. And that icon often has an arrow next to it—an arrow that indicates the gas tank location.

So before you chance having to re-park your car for a fuel up, check the arrow to locate your gas tank.

Power up your night stands


With all the devices you need to have on hand when you’re in bed—your cell phone, your tablet, your laptop—there’s a premium on plug-in space. Turn your bedside tables into tangle-proof, clutter-free charging stations by stashing a power strip inside the drawer and plugging it into the wall through the back of the drawer.

This way, all your devices have access to a charger, and you can shut away the chord clutter for a bedside table that looks as zen as your bedroom makes you feel.