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Power up your night stands


With all the devices you need to have on hand when you’re in bed—your cell phone, your tablet, your laptop—there’s a premium on plug-in space. Turn your bedside tables into tangle-proof, clutter-free charging stations by stashing a power strip inside the drawer and plugging it into the wall through the back of the drawer.

This way, all your devices have access to a charger, and you can shut away the chord clutter for a bedside table that looks as zen as your bedroom makes you feel.


How to light candles that have burned way down


Tired of tossing half used candles? Or burning your fingers attempting to light them? Chances are, you have what you need to light those tricky glass encased or pillar candles in your pantry, right now: an uncooked spaghetti noodle.

Simply light the noodle with a match or lighter and use it as a safe extender to light those hard-to-reach wicks.

Pro Tip: One you’ve successfully lit your candle, make sure to put the noodle under the faucet to snuff the flame and make sure it doesn’t smolder.

How to optimize drawer space

organize drawers

Most drawers just offer one large storage space. Because of this, the drawers we can’t fill end up housing our haphazard messes. But what if you could better utilize the space?

Turn the drawer into a more useful space by using variously sized boxes divide the drawer into smaller sections. You stay more organized, your stuff takes up less room, and those re-used boxes will have a whole new life.

Smart shower storage

extra tension rod for bathrooms

Tension rods are a practical tool that can be used to create storage options in a smaller bathroom space. Have more toiletries than shower shelves? Install a tension rod on the back wall of your shower and hang shower caddies from it to house your shampoos, gels and conditioners. Need more towel drying territory? Install a tension rod outside of your shower curtain, and voila—an extra long towel rack.

Easy sheet set storage

storing bed sheets sets in a pillowcase

When you have multiple sets of sheets it can be a challenge to keep them together as a complete set. The easiest solve for this is to fold and then store the whole matching set inside one of the pillowcases for that set. That way you’ll always have a complete matching set, and it’s easy to find the sheet set that you’re looking for.