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Easily peel multiple eggs at the same time

How to peel eggs
Peeling hard boiled eggs is a time-consuming and tedious task. Use this tip to save time and energy, when you’ve got more than one egg to peel: Rinse your hard boiled eggs with cold water then put them into a container with a lid.

Add some water, put on the lid and shake the container in a circular pattern for about 15-25 seconds. This shaking will crack and loosen the shells, essentially having most of your eggs “peel” themselves.

This tip will work with between three and 30 eggs. Just make sure your container can accommodate the amount of eggs you’re trying to peel.

How to keep chips fresh

how to fold chips closed
Sometimes we don’t finish the whole bag of chips and want to store the rest of them to eat later.  Unfortunately, not closing the bag properly means we often end up with stale chips by the time we’re ready to  finish the bag. Easily “lock” in the freshness with these simple steps, illustrated above:

1- Fold the right and left side of the bag towards the middle, so the corners meet at the center.

2- Fold the top down.

3- Folding it two or three  more times.

3- Insert your thumbs under the flaps made in Step 2, then invert the flaps so they fold over the top edge.


Grease-free finger snacking

use chopsticks to eat puffs
Tired of the greasy or cheesy fingers that come from eating snacks like popcorn, cheese puffs or potato chips? Try eating them with chopsticks. You’ll keep your hands clean—and likely slow down the mindless snacking.

How to keep bananas ripe, longer

banana tape protection
Bananas only stay fresh for a brief period of time. Fortunately, you can extend their freshness quickly, easily and cheaply. Just wrap some plastic wrap, tinfoil or tape  around the top of the bunch. This will slow the ripening process, so you have longer to enjoy your bananas.

Avoid bad tastes by plugging your nose

we cannot taste food when our nose is plugged
Most of what we recognize as taste actually comes from our sense of smell. It’s actually the odor molecules from food provide us with most of our taste sensation. So if you have kids who think their liquid medicine tastes gross, have them plug their nose as they take it. Or if you’re ever in a situation where you have to eat or drink something unpleasant, plug your nose before you put it in your mouth. Doing that will keep them—and you—from tasting something you’d rather not taste.


Best way to juice a lime

juicing lime efficiently
A lime’s internal structure is different than a lemon, so the cutting it in-half method may actually not produce maximum juice.

To get the most juice you can out of your lime, cut your lime lengthwise, rather than crosswise, just to the side of the stem. You will end up with four side pieces and a core. Juice the four side pieces by squeezing with your fingers. Juice the core piece by twisting it as if wringing water out of wet clothing.


Best way to peel a mango

peeling mango with a glass
First, slice the mango in half, from top to bottom along the pit. Then place the edge of the cut mango (where the skin meets the flesh) against the rim of the glass. Apply a little pressure and slide the mango down the side of the glass so the peel will remain on the outside and the fruit will slide inside.

Chip bags become chip bowls

cutting chip bags top
This tip is good for sharing chips with large groups. Just cut the top part of the bag as shown in the illustration. The chips will remain intact in the bag. It’s easier for people to reach the chips without the mess. It’s good for outdoors.

The quick and easy way to peel a banana

how to peel banana

People tend to peel a banana from its stem. It’s easier if you just peel it from the end of the banana, opposite from the stem. Pinch the black part of the top with your thumb and index finger. This will pop open the banana.  It is the quickest way to peel a banana without mashing or bruising it.

Get relief after eating spicy foods

hot pepper milk

If your mouth is feeling the burn from eating spicy foods (like peppers), dairy products are your fastest way to put out the fire. A glass of milk is your best option, but yogurt, ice cream, sour cream, butter or cheese can also help cool things down and reduce the pain. This works because the protein found in these dairy products (called casein) helps break the bonds of the active component in the spiciest foods (capsaicin) forms on your nerve receptors, providing almost instant relief.