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Keep pants from slipping off the hanger

savila row fold

When hanging up your pants, hold them upside down, with the legs straddling the hanger. Fold one leg through the hanger, pulling it all the way down so the bottom rests right above the crotch of the pants. Fold the second leg over the other leg, and your pants will stay in place.

Store your boots standing up

Store your boots standing up


When not wearing knee-high boots, keep them from creasing or taking up too much closet space by placing a rolled up magazine inside each boot. The magazine will expand and the tension will keep your boots standing upright until the next time you wear them.


Sending directions to visitors

sending directions to your visitors

The next time you invite people over to your home for the first time, send a picture of your place along with the directions. Having a visual can help your guests locate your home, even if their GPS isn’t working, they can’t locate address numbers or there are trees, bushes, walls, or a fence in the way.

Splitting a coconut open


Splitting a coconut is easier than it looks. You just need the right technique and a big knife. If you don’t have a large knife, you can break the coconut open on the edge of a counter (or a rock) by gripping the coconut and hitting it’s equator strongly along the edge.

Easy clean blender

Dirty blender

Fill the blender pitcher about halfway with hot water. Add a tiny drop of dish soap and put pitcher back on the blending machine. Hold the lid down with a towel so that the foam stays contained. Turn on the blender and let it run for about 10 seconds.
 Rinse out the blender with more hot water. You’ll be left with clean blender that doesn’t require scrubbing.

Light a match in the wind


light match

Lighting a match in the wind is frustrating. Cut notches into the match towards its striking end, as shown in the illustration. When lighting the match the curled strips catch fire immediately and the flame has more power.

Clean a pan while it’s still on the stove

fry pan

Clean a tough pan while it’s still on the stove running hot. After you’re done with cooking, add a little water. As the water steams in the pan, use your spatula to aggressively scrape. It’s a useful method for getting your pans clean before you even take them off the stove.