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Opt for night-proof pacifiers


When you welcome a new baby, your nights take on a life of their own. Make things a little easier on you and on junior by investing in a set of glow-in-the-dark pacifiers or adding a piece of glow-in-the-dark tape to your baby’s favorite pacis.

The glow will help you track down pacifiers you or your baby drops in the night—coming to the rescue of your fussy infant without having to turn on the lights and mess with their sleep cycle.

Don’t have a munchkin of your own? These are a great gift idea for new parents.



How to light candles that have burned way down


Tired of tossing half used candles? Or burning your fingers attempting to light them? Chances are, you have what you need to light those tricky glass encased or pillar candles in your pantry, right now: an uncooked spaghetti noodle.

Simply light the noodle with a match or lighter and use it as a safe extender to light those hard-to-reach wicks.

Pro Tip: One you’ve successfully lit your candle, make sure to put the noodle under the faucet to snuff the flame and make sure it doesn’t smolder.

Pack a power strip and always stay charged at airports

power strips

While you’re traveling is the worst time to run out of juice. So don’t leave your phone or laptop battery up to the airport charger gods.

Next time you’re packing your devices for a flight, stash a power cord in your carry-on. That way you’ll always have your own private power station. And the extra length means you’ll never get stuck hugging the wall with the other folks juicing their laptops and tablets and phones and personal massaging devices.

How to read boring books

book illustrate
When you have to read a book that’s less than riveting, key your brain in on the content by sketching what you understand. You can create sketches for each paragraph or each page, whatever makes the most sense to you. Don’t overthink the artwork, stick figures work just fine. Just make sure to draw something for every thought you read.

The visualizations will help you process what you’re reading and help you emotionally connect with the content. What’s more, creating a visualization helps you analyze the material more deeply and digest it better.  And the act of drawing acts as a “reward” for your brain, getting you more excited about reading on.



How to optimize drawer space

organize drawers

Most drawers just offer one large storage space. Because of this, the drawers we can’t fill end up housing our haphazard messes. But what if you could better utilize the space?

Turn the drawer into a more useful space by using variously sized boxes divide the drawer into smaller sections. You stay more organized, your stuff takes up less room, and those re-used boxes will have a whole new life.

Dust-free drilling

drill post it

Automatic drills make home improvement a breeze, but they leave a dusty mess behind. Save yourself the clean up with Post-it® style sticky notes.  Simply, fold the not in half, so the bottom half of the non-sticky side is pointing up, and stick it to the wall below the place you’re drilling. The note will catch the dust the drill makes.

After you’re done, carefully remove the note.

The right way to eat a cupcake

cut cupcakes
Nothing says party like a cupcake! But nothing kills a party like getting cupcake on your face. Or clothes. Or your hostesses’ brand new stilettos.

To enjoy your cupcake while keeping the frosting where it belongs (your stomach) take this smart approach: peel off the cupcake wrapper, twist off the bottom of the cake, then place it on top of the frosting. This creates a cupcake sandwich that is just as delicious, yet infinitely less messy. Party on!

Lose weight with smaller plates

smaller the plate bigger the food

Ever heard the expression “your eyes are bigger than your stomach?” That’s true for all of us. When we like a food or feel particularly hungry, we’re likely to load up our plates. Trick your eyes—and your growling tummy—by using a smaller plate. By filling a smaller plate, you’re reducing your food take but still visually getting the satisfaction of a complete meal.

How to cut watermelon like a pro

watermelon cutting

Watermelons can be large and awkward to cut. And the traditional “pizza like” slices tend make a mess of our faces and hands.  Avoid the juicy mess and enjoy your watermelon in fun, bite sized pieces: First, cut the watermelon in half and place that half face down. Then cut a grid pattern (shown above).  Do the same to the other half. Then enjoy!

How to cool—and warm—your home with your fan

ceiling fan rotation

Did you know that your ceiling fan was actually designed to be useful in both hot and cold weather? Change the direction of your ceiling fan’s blades to make full use of it in the summer and winter.

If your ceiling fan does not include a remote or wall control, look for a toggle-switch on the motor housing just below the blades:

In the summer, set your fan to rotate counterclockwise. This will push cool air down to the floor. The cool air helps evaporate perspiration and creates a wind chill effect, which makes you feel cooler, no matter the room’s actual temperature.

In the winter, set your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise at a low speed. This will pull the cooler air up and push the warmer air (which naturally rises to the ceiling) back down, making your room feel warmer, without needing to crank up the thermostat.